Clumsy Climber 1.4 APK Download

Clumsy Climber is a game of ne that our goal will be as simple as climbing a ladder. The problem is that we will have to do it as quickly as possible, because the water is rising and if it covers us completely our character will drown.

The Clumsy Climber control system is intentionally complicated. As in QWOP or Surgeon Simulator, the fun of the game lies precisely in how difficult it is to do something as apparently simple as climbing a ladder. And in fact, all we have to do is press the screen at just the right moment for our character to grab.

Clumsy Climber 1.4   APK Download

As with all Ketchapp titles, as we play and get coins, we can also unlock new content. At the beginning our character will be a very simple puppet, but we will be able to unlock dozens of elements with which to personalize their appearance.

Clumsy Climber is an arcade with a simple approach and a very funny execution. The game also has a simple but beautiful graphic section.