Commute: Heavy Traffic 2.00.2 APK Download

Commute: Heavy Traffic is a very peculiar driving game, in which we will not have to drive especially fast, nor reach any finish line. What we will have to do is try not to hit any other vehicle as we move slowly through an endless traffic jam.

When we touch the screen we will make our vehicle accelerate, while to brake it will be enough to stop touching the screen. To change lanes we will only have to slide to one side or the other, although it goes without saying that these lane changes are usually very risky and usually lead to an accident.

Commute: Heavy Traffic 2.00.2   APK Download

The further we get driving through the traffic jam, the more coins we get. And with the coins, as usual, we can unlock new vehicles and new cities. In Commute: Heavy Traffic, in addition, each vehicle has its own attributes, so we will find cars that accelerate better, cars that brake better, and so on.

Commute: Heavy Traffic is an original and fun driving game, which has a beautiful graphic section and a huge amount of content: more than a dozen cars, half a dozen cities, different weather conditions, and so on.