Cookentials 1.4 APK Download

On more than one occasion, when we wanted to learn how to cook a specific dish or some specific type of food, we used kitchen recipe applications in which we ended up losing. Bad indications or confusing steps get that in the end we desist and decant for something simpler. Cookentials is an app that carries out an explanation of the steps so simple and clear that we will understand the whole process of elaboration with a simple glance.

Meats, fish, salads, desserts … in Cookentials you can make all kinds of meals in the simplest way. Each of the recipes that we find in this extensive catalog comes with a giant photograph in which we will see all the real ingredients of the dish placed perfectly on a table. Each one of those components has an annotation written next to it, indicating the quantities and small arrows that indicate that they have to go to a pan or to the oven. These minimalist schemes fully meet the long explanations of books reduced to an indication. As simple as that.

Cookentials 1.4   APK Download

In case it is not clear to us which element appears in the photo, this tool incorporates under the image the complete list of all the ingredients that we have to use. Next to the list we have a button to share the recipe in any social network or by means of a message so that our friends or relatives can put it into practice, as well as a calendar in which to mark the special date in which we are going to cook.

Through the fun animations of Cookentials we will be sure that we will understand each step perfectly, even those recipes in which the ingredients need their own preparation separately. In these cases we can see, for example, small scissors marking the exact point by which we have to cut or the element with which we must work a product to make it better, something that usually never explain in any cookbook.