Cookie Jam 8.40.111 APK Download

Cookie Jam is a game of three connected to the style of Candy Crush Saga (in fact it is a fairly brazen copy of it), in which players will have to join three candies / tarts / cookies to make them disappear (surprise !).

The Cookie Jam mechanic is known by almost any Android player: unite three identical pieces to make them disappear, four pieces to create a new, more powerful piece, and five pieces to create a wild card. With this simple style of game we will have to overcome levels full of cookies, candies and other types of candy.

Cookie Jam 8.40.111   APK Download

As usual in this type of games, in Cookie Jam we will find dozens and dozens of levels in which we will have to meet very specific objectives. Normally our goal will be simple: get ten wafers, get five hearts and eight moons of jelly, and so on. When we achieve the objective, the level will be finished and we will take all the score.

Cookie Jam is another clone of Candy Crush Saga, which brings absolutely nothing to a genre saturated with virtually identical titles. In its defense, it can be said that it has very nice graphics, and that in general it works very well.