Cookies Clicker 1.45.28 APK Download

Clicker Cookies is a game of baking chocolate cookies that, despite (or thanks) its extremely simple mechanics, has managed to become a real mass phenomenon, trapping players of all kinds in their sticky nets.

The idea of ​​the game is very simple: we must press the screen once to make a cookie, being our goal to make many cookies. Now, selling cookies that we are doing we can buy different items with which to make more cookies, faster.

Cookies Clicker 1.45.28   APK Download

At the beginning, for example, we can buy additional cursors that press the cookie every so often. Later we can hire grandmothers to help us cook more cookies. And so, when we want to give an account we will have assembled a pastry industry composed of hundreds of machines, and capable of producing thousands of cookies per minute.

Clicker Cookies is a very simple but very addictive game, which can now also be enjoyed on Android. The same playable mechanics and the same graphics as in PC, but now on the screen of the mobile phone or tablet.