Crackle APK Download

Crackle is the official application of the service of the same name, which offers movies and television series from the hand of Sony (in fact Crackle is a subsidiary of Sony).

The Crackle interface will allow us to quickly access its two most important sections: movies and television series. In the movies tab we can find titles ‘Leon: The Professional’ (The Perfect Assassin), xXx (the film by Vin Diesel) or Hancock. Most are relatively old films, but with a good cast and / or good reviews.

Crackle APK Download

In the series and television programs tab, we will also find quality content, although somewhat outdated. In addition, we will find from television series like Misfits, to anime like Bleach, and even television programs. In any case, users will be able to filter by gender.

Movies and television series will be played directly from the Crackle application, without the need for a third-party application. Users can also choose if they want to activate subtitles or even change the audio track (usually Spanish or English).

Crackle is a very competent video service, which offers a good amount of content both in terms of movies and television series. Of course, we will need a good Internet connection (WiFi if possible) to enjoy the application.