Criminal Case: Pacific Bay 2.24 APK Download

Criminal Case: Pacific Bay is a graphic adventure in which players can join the Pacific Bay police force and participate in the investigation of a multitude of crimes. For this it will be necessary to explore the crime scenes, take the tests to the laboratory, go to the morgue, and so on.

In the scenes of the crime our objective will be to find all the clues of the case, that we will see listed in the inferior part of the screen. It is basically a ‘hidden object game’ in which the sooner we find all the clues, the better the score will be when we solve the case.

Criminal Case: Pacific Bay 2.24 APK Download

Once we have found a test we will need to analyze it correctly. Sometimes we will have to go to the morgue, where the coroner will provide us with information about the body. And at other times we will even have to go to new locations, where we can find more clues.

Criminal Case: Pacific Bay is a very entertaining research adventure, which has an exciting theme and a great visual section. In addition, players can create their own character, choosing among many different appearances.