Crowdfire 4.9.6 APK Download

Crowdfire is an application that, as its name suggests, will allow us to know which users follow us and stop following us on the popular social networks Twitter and Instagram

Normally Twitter users can know if another user is following them just by taking a look at their profile. However, Crowdfire will automate this process, so it will send us a notice every time a user account makes us ‘unfollow’. If we want to return the ‘unfollow’ or not, it will be a totally personal question, but at least we will know.

 Crowdfire 4.9.6 APK Download

Other interesting functions of the application will allow us to search inactive ‘twitter’ or send private messages automatically to our new followers. The first of these functions will allow us to identify those ‘followers’ who have more than one, three or six months without writing a single tweet.

Crowdfire is a very interesting complement for these two social networks, which will not only let us know who does not follow us, but will put in our hands many other more or less useful tools. The only problem with the application is that it can be somewhat unstable in certain terminals.