Cut the Rope: Time Travel Download Free For IOS Devices 1.5.0

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is the continuation of the great Cut the Rope, a game in which we had to accompany to the nice Om Nom by a series of levels, in which our only objective was that it could take to the mouth all the possible candy.

The mechanics of this new game is practically identical to the one of the previous one, since our mission will continue being to arrive the three candies of each level to the mouth of Om Nom. Of course, this time, thanks to travel time, we will have many more complications that will make the new puzzles even more fun.

In addition to the new mechanics as far as puzles are concerned, in which elements like propellers, chains, bombs or portals will intervene; Cut the Rope: Time Travel will allow the player to visit six very fun historical periods: the Renaissance, the Middle Ages, the Pirate Age, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Stone Age. In each area, of course, we can see exclusive elements.

Graphically Cut the Rope: Time Travel maintains the same level of detail and preciosity as its predecessor. In fact, even some of the animations are more cared for, giving rise to a visual section that is as sweet as the sweets themselves Om nom.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a very original and even more fun puzzle game that is perfectly optimized to be played on touch terminals.