Davinci Resolve Download Free APK For Android 12.5.6

For those who want to know what is the color correction is the color correction for aesthetic purposes that is used in audiovisual productions. Since Murnau used the technique in the 1920s for Nosferatu much has evolved and today is a fully digital process. It is software like Davinci Resolve that is in charge of helping filmmakers and colorists in these postproduction tasks.

A benchmark in the Hollywood industry

The 12.5 studio full version of this software provides the most advanced professional non-linear editing color-grading tools. It is a software that has been the favorite of a large number of professionals since 1984. Basically for its performance and ease of use, it allows you to apply the full creative potential with minimal complications.

“Used in feature films, short films, commercials, television programs, documentaries, music videos …”

Among its different characteristics and capabilities is that of being able to etalonar contents in real time from the camera; this shortens the production and postproduction times since it makes it possible to see in advance how all the shots will remain after the recording is finished.

But not, by any chance, is the only function offered by this software. If it is one of the preferred by the industry is for reasons like these:

  • Collaborative workflow sharing the edit timeline.
  • Saving different color settings that can be applied to camera RAW files.
  • Simultaneous Editing and Editing: editors and colorists can work from different computers at once.
  • Color-correction functions for photographers: adjustment of images and use of color tables to automatically apply a balance to the graphic material.
  • Support for distance blasting by connecting to the network.
  • Synchronization with different cameras.
  • Ability to export and import the work to other compatible programs such as Final Cut Pro
  • X, Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
  • Optimized color curve editor.
  • Integral editing system.
  • Contextual clipping of clips.
  • Timeline with multiple cameras.
  • Creative transitions.
  • Import metadata from CSV files.
  • Cloning and backup of camera files.
  • Configurable rendering settings.

If you are looking to download the program crack you should not bother doing it: it has a free version that can be used with panels from other manufacturers. Now, the full version of the program that is paid, Studio 12.5, has many more features and possibilities. In any case it is advisable that you choose to download a manual or tutorial from Davinci and thus thoroughly know all its functions and insights.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires 64-bit system.