Digfender 1.3.3 APK Download

Digfender is a very original ‘tower defense’ in which we will first have to dig our way on earth and only later can we build defensive towers to protect it. The enemies, as usually happens in the genre, will slowly progress through the path we have created.

The mechanics of Digfender are divided into two very different aspects. On the one hand we will have to choose which areas of the map we are going to dig, something very important because in this way we will create the path through which the enemy troops will advance. And on the other hand we will have to build defensive towers along the way to fight the invaders.

Digfender 1.3.3 APK Download

As usual in the genre, in Digfender we can level up our towers, thus improving the damage they inflict on enemies. We can also unlock and acquire new types of towers, with properties that complement each other. Throughout the more than seventy levels that make up the game’s campaign, we will be able to unlock a lot of additional content.

Digfender is an original tower defense, which incorporates novel elements within the traditional formula of the genre, and also has a nice graphic section.