DigiCal 1.8.1d APK Download

DigiCal is a calendar application that combines a large number of features with a practical and elegant interface. In fact, we will find no less than seven different types of views for the calendar, nine different themes, and up to six ‘widgets’ of various sizes.

As with other calendar applications, Digical offers automatic synchronization with Google Calendar and Outlook. Thanks to this we will only have to identify with our Google or Microsoft account to have all our birthdays and other important dates automatically pointed.

DigiCal 1.8.1d APK Download

Creating a new entry in Digical is very simple. Just click on the day we want to create it and fill in all the information we want to attach. We can record the exact time we want to have the reminder, if it is an event that will last all day, if it is repeated every year, and so on.

Digical is a great calendar application, which stands out especially for its huge customization possibilities. In short, it is a very interesting alternative to the great apps of Android calendars.