Digimon Heroes! Download Free For iPhone App

Digimon Heroes! Download Free For iPhone App

In 1997 was born the franchise of Digimon under the umbrella of the company Bandai. From her came animes, sleeves, toys, card games and, of course, video games. These saw the light in different platforms, mainly in Nintendo consoles, and now also arrive at mobiles. Digimon Heroes! Has been launched for both iPhone for Android.

Letters and adventures in the Digimon game for iPhone

This is a card game based on these creatures, who live in their digital world. Our objective is to collect the more than 1,000 different cards that exist, being able to combine them with each other to create triple attacks and destructive combos that destroy our opponents.

The action takes place in File Island and we will have to form teams to be able to face our adversaries. It also includes an online multiplayer mode of play, to demonstrate our expertise to our friends at any time.

Digivolve to the next level to finish off your opponents in epic battles.

Main Features

Combine cards and chain them to launch devastating attacks.

Collect over 1,000 Digimon and match them together.

Libra epic battles and participates in weekly events.

Challenge your friends in multiplayer online.

Merge your creatures and make them digivolve.

Digimon cheats and hacks? Well, it’s complicated, at least on iOS devices. Android smartphones and tablets do have mods that come in APK format to complement your app. It does not happen here, you already know that the Apple system is more closed. Well, unless you have an iPhone with jailbreak, in that case the possibilities increase, do not you think?

Requirements and additional information:

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Requires iOS 7.0 or higher.

The app offers integrated shopping.