DigimonLinks Download Apk Free For Android 2.2.4

The Digimon franchise appeared in Japan in 1997 by Bandai. Although initially emerged as a universe of virtual pets, which was compared to Pokémon by theme, aesthetics, origin and match over time, soon those responsible also developed different products such as anime, manga, toys, TV series and video games.

And among those games, you have to write down the names of Digimon World, Digimon Heroes, and now this DigimonLinks, the Android and iOS mobile version of the Digimon Linkz role-playing game that just landed in Europe and North America with this new denomination , after debuting on Japanese soil last year.

How to Play to Digimon Links

It is a role-playing game in which you can play with all your favorite creatures, capturing them and raising them on your farm, digivolving them through training and participating in 3 vs. 3 collaborative battles. All this, guided by Hina and with the intention of end the fragmentation that threatens the stability of the Digimon World.

So now you know, if you already enjoyed yourself as a dwarf with the series of Digimon Frontier or Digimon Adventure, do not hesitate to download the APK of this new game for Android smartphones and tablets from Google Play (although it is also available for iPhone and iPad). Maybe finally you can solve those doubts that torment you for two decades like who Sora stays with, who Tai marries, or with what Digimon Mimi remains.