Discogs 2.50 APK Download

Discogs is the official application of this service that will allow us to catalog, buy and sell all our vinyl records, in a comfortable way. To start using the service and the app, yes, we will need to create a verified user account with our Gmail mail or our Facebook account.

Once we have our user account, we can start adding vinyl records to our collection or to our wish list. In this way we can keep a perfect record of which discs we have at home and which ones are not. In addition, we can see photographs of each disc, as well as all the information related to it.

Discogs 2.50   APK Download

One of the most interesting features offered by Discogs, especially for collectors, is the ability to buy and sell discs directly from the application. What do we want to get rid of an album? We will not have more to see what your current valuation and put it on sale. What do we want to buy a record at all costs? Surely there is someone who is willing to part with him.

Discogs is a very useful application for fans of vinyl records, because thanks to it they will be able to catalog their collection and even buy some other album that they lack.