DiskDigger APK Download

DiskDigger is an application that will allow us to recover photos that we thought were lost from our Android terminal. Whether we delete them accidentally, or if we lose them when deleting an application, we can recover them and store them again in the memory of our Android terminal.

Using DiskDigger is very simple: we will have to choose the partition of our Android terminal from which we want to try to recover photographs, and press the ‘scan’ button. This process can last from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the size of the partition. Of course, as the analysis progresses, we can see what photos the application finds.

DiskDigger APK Download

It is important to bear in mind that although this free version of DiskDigger will allow us to recover files in JPG or PNG format, the Pro version will give us the possibility to recover the following formats: MP4 / M4A / 3GP / MOV, GIF, MP3, AMR, WAV, TIF, CR2, SR2, NEF, DCR, PEF, DNG, ORF, DOC / DOCX, XLS / XLSX, PPT / PPTX, PDF, XPS, ODT / ODS / ODP / ODG, ZIP, APK, EPUB.

DiskDigger is an outstanding file recovery tool that not only works, but works in a very simple way. Unlike other similar applications, it will allow us to recover our lost images without any problem.