Dolphin Browser 10.0.2 IOS Download

Dolphin Browser is one of the best alternatives to surf the Internet from the screen of an iPhone, since it has some of the most interesting features we can find in browsers for iOS devices.

The first tool to be highlighted within Dolphin Browser is ‘Sonar’, thanks to which we can use the voice to search the Internet, mark sites as favorites or manage our social networks.

Another very interesting tool is the one that will allow us to create our own gestures with our fingers to access different web pages. So, we can associate drawing a ‘U’ on the screen to access Uptodown, or draw a G to enter Google. It’s that simple

Dolphin Browser 10.0.2 IOS Download

In addition to all this, the application is compatible with over sixty exclusive add-ons with which we can add additional features to our browser and further improve the experience.

As usual in most desktop browsers, Dolphin Browser has an interface that will allow us to jump from tab to tab very easily, being able to have many of them open simultaneously.

Dolphin Browser is a great navigator, with a nice and functional interface, an optimal speed and a list of ‘extensions’ or ‘complements’ that will delight the most fussy, who can practically create their own browser.