Don’t Trip! 1.0.2 APK Download

Do not Trip! is an arcade game, very addictive, in which you will have to put your fingers on two shoes in order to walk on a path that hides many unforeseen and disparate obstacles. Although the mechanics are simple, you will soon have to demonstrate your reflexes to avoid taking a false step.

The control system is one of the most peculiar aspects in Do not Trip! In this title you will have to place a finger on each shoe to act as legs. In this way, you will begin to move along this road full of disparate objects. On the other hand, to modify our course you just have to turn the mobile in the desired direction to turn the terrain.

Don't Trip! 1.0.2   APK Download

Do not Trip! It has a colorful graphic section, in three dimensions, in which the protagonist sneakers and the numerous objects that we can find are represented. In this way, we will just have to turn the screen and simulate the steps to execute the whole journey.

If you want to enjoy a crazy and fun game, Do not Trip! It is a good option that will prompt you to unlock each of the 50 pairs of shoes available. Walk through each of the 12 scenarios and overcome each mission to show that you always look where you step.