Download Free Cemu APK Android

Download Free Cemu APK Android

The console of Nintendo Wii U already has its emulator for PC, although behind as it is logical of the own Japanese video game company. This is Cemu and for now is in a rather premature version of development.

Emulate Wii U games on PC is already a reality

The emulator loads files with WUD, ISO and RPX / RPL extension and supports a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The team behind the project, Exzap, plans to periodically release new versions of this emulator.

Finally in PC the successor of the Wii.

It remains to be seen if Nintendo will allow this development to go forward. The console giant is not anything friendly to emulators for different platforms and there are already several attempts in this area that has managed to close by what they understand is an infringement of their intellectual property. We will see if Cemu happens to be one of them or on the contrary enjoys a longer life.

Requirements and additional information:

Requires a compressor compatible with ZIP.

Requires 64-bit system.