Downloader and Private Browser 2.4.52 APK Download

Downloader and Private Browser is a browser whose main strength is the security and privacy of its user. So much so, that while we are browsing through the application, we can not even take screenshots with the terminal.

Users can download any type of file in the memory of the terminal, and keep as many simultaneous downloads as they want (this value can be modified in the options). In addition, the downloads will be stored in different folders depending on the type of file they are: videos, images, music, documents …

Downloader and Private Browser 2.4.52 APK Download

Another interesting tool of Downloader and Private Browser is the ability to password protect all our downloads. Thanks to this feature, users can download any file without fear of another user taking their Android device and accessing them through their browser.

The best thing about Downloader and Private Browser, in any case, is that when accessing a web page that contains a video, it will recognize it and allow us to download it directly into the memory of the terminal. In addition, it comes with an integrated mp4, m4v, mov, 3gp and M3U8 player.

Downloader and Private Browser is a powerful browser, whose main problem is that it has publicity. And it is a problem because there are many other very good browsers without advertising.


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