Dungeon and Girls 1.1.28 APK Download

Dungeon and Girls is a first person dungeon crawler in which both the movement and the attacks are carried out using the same cards. Each of the cards of the game has two associated values, one of movement and one of damage: the first one will allow us to advance through the dungeon, while with the second one we will be able to finish the enemies.

On the left side of the screen we can see our position in the dungeon. Thanks to this we can know if using our next movement card we will encounter an enemy, a chest or any other element of the dungeon. If we meet an enemy, we will have to try to finish him before he does the same with us.

Dungeon and Girls 1.1.28 APK Download

One of the keys to success in Dungeon and Girls is to learn to correctly use all types of cards at our disposal. Using only the attack will not take us very far. In order to defeat the strongest enemies, we will have to learn to use the focus, counterattack and healing cards. In addition, we can use special abilities.

Dungeon and Girls is a very entertaining dungeon crawler, which combines an exciting gameplay mechanics with an anime aesthetic that is overly focused on the female body.