Dunk Hot 1.3.1 APK Download

Dunk Hot is a basketball game in which our only concern will be to shoot without stopping. And we will have to do it in the simplest way: pressing the screen to lightly push the ball, almost as if it were the bird of the classic ‘Flappy Bird’.

Dunk Hot 1.3.1 APK Download

The game system of Dunk Hot is very simple: after dunk, the basket will change sides and we will have to try to re-score on the opposite side. If after a few seconds we have not managed to score, the game will be over. It’s that simple Of course, the more points we carry, the less time we will have to score the next basket, so that each time we will have to be more precise. Another important element is that the more baskets we get in the first round, the more points we will receive. This will be especially evident because the ball will go up in flames.

Dunk Hot is a minimalist and fun basketball game that offers a perfect mechanic to play fast games. By getting very high scores, in addition, we can unlock lots of additional balls with which to play (there are more than thirty different).


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