Dynamite Headdy 1.1.1 APK Download

Dynamite Headdy is a platform game in two dimensions in which we will control Headdy, a puppet capable of throwing his own head, who is fighting against the evil king of puppets. Our goal: to finish with all the army of the puppets.

The control system of Dynamite Headdy is simple: with the virtual crossbar on the left we can move our hero from one side of the screen to the other, while with the buttons on the right we can jump and throw the head. Depending on which head we have, we can cause one effect or another. And we will find more than a dozen heads and ‘power ups’.

Dynamite Headdy 1.1.1 APK Download

The original Dynamite Headdy came out in 1994 for Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis), instantly becoming one of the best titles on the console and cementing the fame of Treasure, developers that years later would launch Ikaruga, among others.

Dynamite Headdy is part of the line called ‘SEGA Forever’, a series of video games officially launched by the company for mobile devices. In addition to being able to enjoy a virtually identical adaptation of the game, we will have the ability to customize the controls and even save game at any time. The game, moreover, is Free-to-Play, so we’ll only see advertising integrated into the application when we start it.