Eggggg – Vomiting Download For IOS iPhone 1.5.3 Platform

Eggggg – Vomiting Download For IOS iPhone 1.5.3 Platform 

If you’re one of those who laugh at the Torrente movies and consider the “poop, ass, fart, pee” as the ummmum of humor, it’s quite likely that you fall in love with Eggggg – vomiting platform, a rather absurd, surreal and ridiculous game Especially what has to do with vomiting. We insist, it’s not scrupulous, but it’s hilarious.

Gilbert is an extremely allergic type of eggs, hence the English word game “egg”, which means egg, and “egggggg”, the onomatopoeia of disgust that you are going to release when you see the effect that this popular food causes on our protagonist .

“A crazy experience of action”.

What is Egggggggg’s goal? Very easy: let Greg get away from the house of his peculiar Aunt Doris to get a birthday cake. And how will he do it? For what better way than with his superpower of the vomit, only this way he will be able to escape a bunch of enraged hen-cyborg. Did I mention that the game is surreal?

With a childish but careful and fun aesthetic, Eggggg is a platform game that promises fun and entertaining in accordance with escapes from the murderous chickens with that weapon of mass destruction that is the egg. Its handling is simply superb, thanks to its optimization for iOS devices.

What can you expect from Egggggggg?

  • A fun game for all ages.
  • 21 levels of vomiting action.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Includes a sticker pack for use in iMessages.
  • A unique and quirky style.
  • Lots of eggs.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum Operating System Requirements: iOS 9.1.
  • Compatible with:
  • iPhone
  • iPod touch.
  • Offers integrated shopping.