Epic Battle Simulator 1.6.60 APK Download

Epic Battle Simulator is a strategy game in real time, in which players will have to recruit an army and send it into battle. Of course, during the battle the only thing they can do is to see how the events unfold, moving the camera from one side to another or changing the perspective at will.

The action in Epic Battle Simulator takes place without us actively participating in it. Now, our decisions before the fight will be decisive. We can choose from more than a dozen different units, including warriors, knights, archers, gunmen, musketeers, and much more. Each unit has a specific price and attributes, so we must take into account both our needs and our budget. And above all, we will have to be very careful with their disposition on the battlefield.

Epic Battle Simulator 1.6.60 APK Download

Once the battle begins, the only thing we can do is look. If we are victorious, we will pass the level and we can participate in the next battle. If, on the contrary, we fall defeated, we will have to pay attention to what our mistake was, to solve it during the preparation phase, and to fight again.

Epic Battle Simulator is an original and fun real-time strategy game. A surprising title of great quality, which will especially appeal to fans of strategy games.