Facebook Messenger Download APK For Android

Facebook Messenger Download APK For Android 

As it could not be otherwise, the most famous social network and with more users worldwide also has its own application of instant messaging and chat. With it we can communicate with all those users who have opted to download the APK from this standalone totally necessary if we want to chat with our contacts through Android.

And is that as you recall there was a time when it was enough to have the official Facebook app installed on our tablet or smartphone, until the time came when the company decided to split this function of your social network to count as an application Totally independent. Although many did not like the idea, it is true that on the other hand it is not necessary to have the application of the social network; Simply download Facebook Messenger to connect with your friends.

Send messages to all your contacts

But the app has not stalled: it allows communication with anyone on your agenda, whether or not you have a friend on Facebook. Simply enter your phone number so that you can send messages in a way that makes it a much more global app capable of rivaling alternatives such as WhatsApp (owned by Zuckerberg and yours), LINE, Telegram or Kik Messenger.

“An app for chatting in constant evolution”.

But here it has not finished its evolution since little by little has been incorporating functions and novelties that have turned it into a very interesting application that has left away the classic concept of sending text messages: video and audio calls, sending files Multimedia, group creation …

Main features

  • Send individual messages.
  • Group chat.
  • Share photos and videos.
  • Make free voice and video calls using VoIP protocol.
  • Send messages to your friends on the social network and to your calendar contacts.
  • Send documents.
  • Receive notifications.
  • Find out when the recipients of the messages have read them.
  • Forwards messages and pictures to people who later join the conversation.
  • Activate the location and inform you when you are nearby.
  • See who is active or online in Messenger and Facebook.
  • Create shortcuts to favorite conversations from the home screen of your device.
  • Disable notifications when you are interested or always keep your session started.
  • Take photos and record videos directly from the app and share them in your conversations.

Integration with your smartphone use

One of the defining characteristics of Facebook Messenger is how to present the conversations when the app works in the background. We have all seen those bubbles that appear with the messages of new messages and that we can move anywhere on the screen allowing us not to lose the thread of the conversation while using other apps … although it is true that some are not very satisfied With this function and considers it invasive.

Another of the advantages that we found and that took to arrive, for example, WhatsApp is that it started from a development for PC, reason why in the beginning it was chatted from Windows, Mac and Linux (first from the web although they have appeared independent clients ). This means that we have not had to wait for our conversations to be simultaneous from the computer desktop, something that we are grateful for in the interests of productivity.

So if you are a user of this social network who likes to keep in touch with their friends do not discard the possibility of downloading the app on your mobile and you will have access to one of the most important and numerous communication networks in the world.

What’s new in the latest version

  • No changelog has been published.