Facebook Pages Manager 103.0 IOS Download

Facebook Pages Manager (Application Page Manager) is a tool that, as its name suggests, will allow us to comfortably manage all our Facebook pages from a convenient interface and directly from the screen of our iOS terminal.

The application has everything the administrator of a Facebook page may need: the ability to create new publications (including photos) and respond to comments, receive notifications in real time every time there is activity on the page, and see all the internal details of the page and its statistics.

Facebook Pages Manager 103.0  IOS Download


All this can be done from an interface that will be common for Facebook users, since it has a very similar style that is quite accessible and pleasing to the eye.

Facebook Pages Manager is an excellent way to manage all your Facebook pages, as it will allow you to do it anywhere, anytime, anywhere. You will only need an iPhone and an Internet connection.