Fancy 3.8.3 APK Download

Fancy is an app that was born with the aim of discovering incredible new and exclusive products so that you can save them in a list of favorites or acquire them through the application. A perfect social network for lovers of fashion and design.

With a composite interface between a blog, a magazine and a collection of ‘Fancys’ you will create a museum with your style and personality, which will be a great tool to show all the articles that you love and identify with your tendencies.

Fancy 3.8.3 APK Download

How does it work? Very simple: you will only have to browse the images of Fancy and when you find one that you like, you give ‘like’. As long as the product is for sale, you can buy it to enjoy it in real life.

A great feature of this application is that it also gives the option to ‘Create gift in a group’ with the items that can be purchased, a perfect option to have a detail with a friend among several components of the group when it comes to an expensive gift. You will only have to create the common gift and you will have seven days for your friends to pay their contribution.

Also, if you run into the problem that you have fallen asleep on your laurels and do not have time to make a gift, Fancy is a great tool that will get you out of the fire: your gift section has some deliveries in 24 hours.