Fast Racing 1.5 APK Download

Fast Racing is a racing game of cars for Android terminals, which will allow us to compete in dozens of different levels and circuits, throughout an extensive campaign for a single player that can get to doubt more than 10 hours.

As we progress in the story mode, we can improve and customize our vehicle. We can change from the color of the body, to some of the technical specifications of the engine, which will make us gain enough speed.

Fast Racing 1.5 APK Download

Winning races, of course, will provide us with money. And with this money we can not only improve a vehicle, but we can buy more. In the end, if everything goes well, we can have an extensive garage with many different cars.

The game control system can be configured to rotate using both the accelerometer and touch controls. The first control system, as a rule, is usually much more complicated to learn, although more precise.

Fast Racing is a very fun three-dimensional racing game, in which players can compete in the streets of a city day or night, both in the suburbs and in the center.