Fildo Download For APK Android 2.3.0

Fildo Download For APK Android 2.3.0 

Downloading music from the Internet in MP3 is becoming more complicated: on the one hand by the own commitment that the record labels and copyright owners put on the songs. On the other hand because the user to be able to have more comfortable services of online music in streaming like Spotify, Google Play Music or Apple Music goes of complicated the life by downloading files.

An application to download music in MP3
But if you are still one who is reluctant to abandon this practice there are apps like Fildo to download songs to your smartphone or your tablet. For this you only have to download the latest version of APK, install it on your mobile device and launch you to search and download songs. These are the main features that this MP3 downloader has:

  • Integrated music search engine.
  • Results shown with images by the artist.
  • Results filtered by songs and albums.
  • Direct download to the SD card of the device.
  • Possibility to listen to songs online.

So I guess it’s clear how to use the app: just carry out a search and select what we want to download.

Download free music under your responsibility
The servers in the app do not contain any of these files but connect to other services where they host these contents. That is why its developers are disregarding what each user does and encourage them to report where they deem appropriate if they find songs that infringe intellectual property rights.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Installing the app using the APK file requires the activation of the “Unknown sources” option under Settings> Applications.