FilmoraGo 3.1.1 APK Download

FilmoraGo is a very complete video editing application, thanks to which we can create spectacular compositions from any clip we have in the memory of the terminal. Of course, in addition to video, we can add photographs to our creations.

The main strength of FilmoraGo is how easy it is to work with him. On the sides of the screen we will have all the tools we can use, such as adding transitions, inserting music, applying visual themes, and so on. In the center of the screen we can see the preview of the composition, while in the bottom we will have time control.

 FilmoraGo 3.1.1 APK Download

Once we have finished working with our video, we will only have to save the result and export it. The video will be stored in the memory of our Android terminal, without a watermark. We can also directly share our video through any social network.

FilmoraGo is a powerful video editor, thanks to which we can create spectacular compositions using clips and photographs, in a matter of seconds. A good editor available to everyone.