Final Kick Download Apk Free For Android 7.1.4

It is always said that the team that wins a game by penalties gets an unfair victory. But we have to recognize the excitement that comes with a penalty shoot-out in a final. Unless Sergio Ramos throws them, then the dread is unleashed at NASA. We all have in mind those players celebrating a goalkeeper’s stop or crying disconsolately for a failure. What if you could now relive those emotions on your mobile? Final Kick: Soccer online for Android is what you are looking for.

How to Play?

You must have signed the team with the worst luck in the world, because it ties all the games and always end up playing the final to penalties. Thus, you will participate in a succession of leagues and championships, but only in the phase of penalties. The mechanics are very simple: you will be front and goalkeeper in turns. How to kick? Just slide your finger across the screen describing the path you want the ball to follow. The normal thing is that at first you get shots of churro, so you’ll have to learn how to pull hard. For this you will have to move the finger faster, which leads to a greater uncontrolled release.

If you register you can play online with other people, but if you are not for work, you can play an offline league of penalties or free throws. A very curious option of this app is that you can record your best goals and stops and watch them whenever you want on the television. But what I like a lot more is the option to customize your players, as if you were dressing a Barbie: you can change clothes, slippers, protections, balloon, hair and hairstyle, face, complexion, eyebrows , your skin color and even celebration when you score a goal. Tremendous. On the other hand, you can also train your signings by raising the points of experience you have achieved.