Fintonic APK Download

Fintonic is a financial application so complete that once installed we will not want to use any other, including the official application of our bank.

This app has absolutely all the information we want to control over our economy: expenses, income, transfers, weekly, monthly summaries, all the information related to each of the movements.

In this way, and once we start the application, we will only have to select the bank where we have our account, being able to include more than one. We will not have any problem if our bank is not too extended, because Fintonic has a list of all banks in Spain, ending with the problems of other applications that are reduced to the best known.

Fintonic APK Download

Once the application has accessed our account, always with the encryption and security of any application of this style, we can see at a glance the latest movements and the total balance, as well as the total revenues and expenses.

On the other hand, this tool has a detailed report of each of the income or expenses, which are included automatically and intelligently in a category that will help us to know where the expenses or income come from. This category can be modified to better manage our registration.

Fintonic also has a tab that will give us advice on all commercial aspects in which an expense may occur, so we can save hundreds of euros if we follow their ideas.

Finally, it should be noted that Fintonic includes the option to send an email with each movement at the time it occurs, for all those who do not open the tool regularly but want to be informed of everything that happens with your money .