Fire Rides 1.1.5 APK Download

Fire Rides is an arcade in which our goal will be to go as far as we can with a small ball of magical fire, capable of swinging from one side to the other. But it will not be easy. The cave that we will have to cross is full of obstacles and irregularities.

The control system of Fire Rides is simple: by pressing the screen we will throw a kind of rope that will be hooked to the ceiling and will allow us to balance ourselves. When we release our finger, the rope will disappear and we will continue moving thanks to the inertia. If at some point we touch the stage, the game will end.

Fire Rides 1.1.5 APK Download

As we play and get good scores, we can also unlock new ‘characters’. At first we will only have the initial fireball, but we can play with more than a dozen different ‘characters’. Also, to unlock them we will only need skill. Pure skill

Fire Rides is a fun arcade, offering a simple but addictive mechanics, and an excellent graphic section. A perfect title for relatively short games.