Flipboard 4.2.4 IOS Download

Flipboard is a kind of personalized digital magazine that we can make to our liking with the help of our publications and preferred social networks.

Its operation is very simple: once we create the Flipboard account we can add both the social networks in which we participate, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or Flickr; as our RSS with our blogs and favorite news pages.

The presentation of all this personalized material will be in the form of a traditional magazine. That is, on Twitter, for example, if the tweet of a website that we follow includes the link to a news item, we will see a related photograph as well as an advance of the text, having only to click on the box to access all the content.

Flipboard 4.2.4  IOS Download

To turn the pages of our Flipboard we will only have to swipe our finger as we normally would with a normal magazine. The difference, of course, is that in this magazine we can include only the content that interests us and who we are interested in.

Flipboard is a great tool that will allow us to be always up-to-date on what interests us most, in a comfortable and fast way. We will only have to open the application (having Internet connection) and start reviewing the publications that we have chosen.