Flychat 1.10.RC1 APK Download

Flychat is an application that will allow us to read and respond to notifications from any messaging app, while we are at the desktop, on the blocking screen, or even in another app. Notifications will appear in a bubble very similar to Facebook Messenger. Just touch it to start writing.

The list of compatibility of Flychat includes all the most popular messaging applications: WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Hangouts, Skype, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Textra and Plus Messenger. If we receive a message through any of these apps, we can respond instantly from its corresponding bubble.

Flychat 1.10.RC1 APK Download

In the configuration options we can customize the notifications of each app. The easiest way is to customize the notification color, but we can also disable Flychat for certain applications and keep it activated for others, or change the size of the bubble. In short, we can customize Flychat at our whim.

Flychat is a very interesting application, thanks to which we can respond to messages from virtually any messaging app, directly from the terminal’s blocking screen or while we are inside a video game. The application also has a very nice and elegant interface.