foodpanda 4.7.3 APK Download

foodpanda is an application that will allow us to order food at home in various countries, including India, Pakistan, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Singapore and Taiwan, among others. In total, just over twenty countries spread across Europe and Asia.

Finding a good place to order food is very easy with foodpanda. We will only have to indicate the exact place where we are and the application will show us all the restaurants near our position. Of course, we can also filter depending on the type of food we want.

foodpanda 4.7.3 APK Download

Once we have chosen the restaurant to which we want to order our food, we will only have to choose what we are going to ask for. Depending on the restaurant, we can even see pictures of each of the dishes. Also, once we have completed the order, we can track in real time where our food is.

Foodpanda is an excellent application to order food at home that, yes, only works in a limited number of countries. On the official website of the application itself we can check the exact number of countries in which it is active. This list will also grow over time.