Football Strike-Multiplayer Soccer Download Apk Free For Android 1.0.2

Some of the most exciting sets in a football match take place on a standing ball, where the aim of the players is tested as well as the reflexes of the goalkeepers to stop the shots. Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer is a fun soccer game for Android where exactly we will play to that: to shoot to goal and to make stops.

Online Multiplayer Soccer Game

Of course, the fun increases if our opponent can think like a real player and not as a machine, for a lot of AI to tell us now that they have the FIFA, PES and company. Our adversary will leave a random search of the game or our friends, which we can face in different tests.

You will be able to enjoy several game modes, as in which you have to compete against the clock to see who shoots goal more times and with better marksmanship. Of course, you will also play under the sticks and defend as archer your marker.

Cheats for Football Strike? Well, from here we will not encourage you to take shortcuts, of course, but you can always use some of the APK mods that circulate on the net … or apps like SB Game Hacker, of course.