Fotocasa 5.81 APK Download

Fotocasa is the official application of the famous portal of the same name, which will allow us to search among thousands of homes for sale or rent. As with your website, this app will allow us to use dozens of different filters to find the home of our dreams.

Users of the app can choose the specific area in which they are interested within a city. For example, if you only want to live in the center of the city, you only have to indicate it. If you are also looking for apartments with three or four bedrooms, or houses completely furnished for rent, then you just have to indicate it in the filters.

Fotocasa 5.81 APK Download

The application offers a feature that the website does not have, and that will allow us to use the Android terminal location to locate any property that is in our vicinity. In this way, if we are walking through a particularly nice neighborhood and we want to know how much it would cost us to have a flat there, we will only have to look at it.

Fotocasa is a good official application of a good portal to find a house. Whether we are looking to rent a twenty-five square meter flat, or if we are looking to buy a Victorian mansion overlooking the Miskatonic River, this is the right app.