Framy 6.2.0 APK Download

Framy is an application that will allow us to create absolutely crazy videos using all kinds of effects and ‘stickers’. Once we have finished our video, we will not have to share it directly through the application itself, or send it through any other messaging app.

The most fun of Framy are its mobile stickers, which will allow us to create realistic explosions and lightning flashes inside a video, until inserting all of animals or dinosaurs. We will find hundreds of different elements to integrate in our videos. In addition, by pinching and sliding the screen we can change the size and move the effects at our whim. We can even create sections of the background that hide some parts of the stickers, creating spectacular effects. We will have total creative freedom.

Framy 6.2.0 APK Download

In addition to these mobile stickers, which without a doubt are the main attraction of Framy, we will find a good handful of interesting tools. For example, at our disposal we will have more than twenty different songs with which to accompany our videos. We can also insert and edit text.

Framy is an excellent video editing application, thanks to which we can create truly amazing works in a matter of a couple of minutes. And if we spend more time on it, we can create authentic works of art. Really.