GaGa-Social Translation Download APk For Android 1.3.6

GaGa-Social Translation Download APk For Android 1.3.6 

What do you think if they talk about an app with the name of GaGa-Social Translation? In an automatic translator? In an interpreter of baby sounds? Whatever it is, you probably would not think it’s about what the Chinese Tinder would be, an app for flirting and meeting people from every corner of the world.

“Chat freely with foreign friends”.

A very familiar operation

The Chinese are cracks when it comes to making copies. The thing is that sometimes they are better than others. In this case they have dedicated to execute the mechanism of Tinder and to make its own invention, that comes to be the same, but with another name. Does anyone touch you the potato? Move your photo to the right. That does not make you tingle? Scroll the image to the left. You also have some very bright buttons with an X and a heart if your thing is to be more literal. In the center there is a little button that allows you to chat directly with the person, send him voice messages and, of course, send him the classic emoticons with hepatitis problems.

“GaGa is a social app with international multilingual translation”.

You have this tool in perfect Spanglish. So why the multi-language translator? Well, it is what you have to try to chat from a Chinese app, that the same do not understand the staff. At this point, the translation is not too bad to understand the words of the other person. Now, anything like the original message might well be mere coincidence.

You could not miss the premium version with its possibility to become VIP, in front of those poor users who are sad and do not pay. In the event that someone makes you beat the real potato, you can also buy gifts and send them through the chat. After all, who would not fall in love with spending 15 dollars on a digital sticker of a reindeer. These Chinese sometimes do some rarer things …

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum OS requirements: Android 2.3.
  • Offers integrated shopping.