Gameboy Color A.D. 5.5 APK Download

Gameboy Color A.D. is a powerful Gameboy Color emulator for Android terminals that includes all the necessary features to enjoy the best games of the mythical Nintendo laptop on our mobile phone.

We will have different spaces to save our game, option to accelerate the speed of the game, touch buttons and, of course, the possibility of loading ROMs (the image of the game) directly from a compressed file previously placed in the games folder.

Gameboy Color A.D. 5.5 APK Download

This means that, effectively, in order to enjoy the application we will need to download the ROMs of the games separately. It will be useless to have the emulator installed on our phone, if we do not put a few games to test it.

The best performance of Gameboy Color A.D. is that it comes with a built-in rom search engine that will allow us to enter the name of the video game we want to play, and download it in seconds. How? Very easy, it will redirect us to the official website of Coolroms.

Gameboy Color A.D. is an excellent emulator that works quite smoothly on almost any Android terminal. Of course, if you have a pretty old phone it is possible that most games go very slow … if they go.