Gangstar Vegas 3.5.0n APK Download

Gangstar Vegas is an action game and adventures of world open to the purest style GTA (Grand Theft Auto), in which players will control a petty crook who must grow up in the criminal society of Las Vegas.

As you would expect in a ‘sandbox’ of these characteristics, the players of Gangstar Vegas will be able to do practically what they want in the streets of the city. They will be able to attack any passer-by using weapons of all kinds such as machine guns, shotguns, pistols or even their own fists; driving all kinds of vehicles such as trucks, police cars or sports cars; and lots of other things.

Gangstar Vegas 3.5.0n APK Download

The most striking feature of Gangstar Vegas (apart from its excellent graphics) is the size of the city. Las Vegas is nine times bigger than the cities of the previous titles of the saga. In addition, we will also find many more vehicles, more weapons, more skills, more mini-games, more types of missions, and more of everything.

The main story of the game consists of eighty different missions. We will have to carry out assassinations, car chases, kidnappings, doing business, and much more. At any time, in addition, we can ask to send us weapons and vehicles (Just Cause 2 style).

Gangstar Vegas is a ‘sandbox’ of action in third person that remembers in all the aspects to the last titles of the GTA franchise. An outstanding title that, yes, requires a lot of free space in the Android terminal.