Gett 9.12.62 APK Download

Gett is an application with which we can request that one of the official drivers of this service pick us up, and can even share a vehicle with other users to make the trip cheaper. We can also choose the type of car in which we want to travel.

In order to use Gett we will first need to register, a process that we will have to carry out with our phone number. Once we have an account, we can start traveling. Doing so will be as simple as selecting the vehicle we want to take and the location we are in.

Gett 9.12.62 APK Download

It is important to bear in mind that while Gett operates in more than a hundred different cities, it only operates for the moment in Russia, the United Kingdom and Israel. New updates can be increasing the number of cities and countries.

Gett is an excellent alternative to Uber, which offers a similar service, with quality vehicles and drivers, and an excellent application design. For example, from the map of the application we can see how our vehicle moves in real time.