Ghostery Privacy Browser 1.3.3 APK Download

Ghostery Privacy Browser is an Android browser that will allow us to surf the Internet with total security, knowing that our data is not going to any corporation such as Google, Amazon or Facebook.

Like any browser worth its salt, Ghostery Privacy Browser will allow us to have several tabs open simultaneously and access them quickly. In addition, we can add pages to favorites to access them more quickly. In short, we can do practically the same as with a traditional browser, but with more security.

Ghostery Privacy Browser 1.3.3   APK Download

A unique feature of Ghostery Privacy Browser will be found right next to the button to see all the tabs, and it will allow us to see all the active ‘trackers’ on a web page. Users can disable any of these ‘trackers’ by just clicking on them … or if they want to try to learn more about what they do exactly.

Ghostery Privacy Browser is a powerful browser for Android, which has all the basic features of navigation, and adds an additional layer of security for those users who value their privacy.