Gladiabots Alpha 11.3 APK Download

Gladiabots is a strategy game in which we will have to put ourselves in front of a small army of robots. The problem is that our robots do not have their own artificial intelligence, but we ourselves will have to configure their behavior patterns, programming each and every one of their actions.

Most of the time we are playing Gladiabots we will pass it on the programming screen, in which we can create a kind of flowcharts, which will represent all the possible actions of our robots. We will be able to establish actions and conditions, ranging from attacking to collecting resources, including fleeing.

Gladiabots Alpha 11.3 APK Download

Once we give the ‘play’ button, our robots will start acting according to the orders we have previously established. If our robots are unable to fulfill their objective, we will have failed. In that case we will have to try to redesign the behavior diagrams of our robots.

Gladiabots is a very original video game, whose main obstacle is that it has a very high learning curve. It is not easy to get all that the game has to offer, which is a lot; but once we do, we will discover that we have an outstanding title.