Glitch Dash 1.0.6 APK Download

Glitch Dash is a review of the great ‘Geometry Dash’ in three dimensions and in first person. The players will have to face a series of levels with fixed tracings, in which only the practice, the reflexes and the skill will allow us to progress.

The control system of Glitch Dash is very simple: sliding to the sides we will move in that direction, while sliding up and down we will jump or crouch. And nothing more. With this simple control scheme we will have to try to survive the dozens of giant hammers, spikes, lasers, axes, etc. that will try to end our routes.

Glitch Dash 1.0.6 APK Download

In Glitch Dash we will find something more than half a dozen levels, a figure that may seem scarce at first sight. However, as soon as we start playing and check the difficulty of the game, we will see that as with ‘Geometry Dash’, each of the levels will give us a while.

Glitch Dash is an excellent arcade of platforms in first person, that offers a system of precise control, an excellent graphical section, and a very addictive game experience. The game, in addition, practically does not have publicity, something very to thank in a title of these characteristics. A ten for its developer.