Glovo 4.7.4 APK Download

Glovo is an application thanks to which we can buy and receive comfortably at home virtually any product of our city. It is, in a few words, a kind of Just Eat or Deliveroo, but for all kinds of products, not just food.

From the main window of the Glovo application we can choose what kind of products we need. Do we want food from a specific restaurant? Do we want to bring some things from the supermarket? Do we need anything from the pharmacy? Maybe from an electronics store? Whatever it is, we will only have to indicate it, and in a matter of minutes we will have it at home.

Glovo 4.7.4 APK Download

In some stores we will find a list of the products that we can order, so we will not have to mark them and go through the box. In other stores we will not find a list of products, but we can still write manually what we want.

Glovo is a very interesting service, which will allow us to buy virtually any from the mobile phone, and receive it at home in less than an hour. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the service is not active in all cities. While I write these lines, Glovo only sends to specific cities, but the list is progressively increasing.