Gmail APK Download

Gmail is the official application of the mail client of Google, which will allow us to manage our email account (and any other we have) from a clean and comfortable interface.

The first thing that users of the Gmail application will notice is that in addition to entering with their usual email account, they can associate other accounts to the application. Thanks to this function it is possible to have all our e-mails in one place, without the need to resort to other e-mail managers.

 Gmail  APK Download

The Gmail interface is very similar to that of the client for browsers that possibly all users are accustomed to: in the column on the left we find the different labels and categories, while in the trunk of the screen we can read the emails. The intelligent management system of Gmail, in addition, will automatically separate the promotional mails from the social ones, and these from the really important ones.

Thanks to the widgets included in the Gmail application, we can monitor mail labels from the main screen of our terminal; or simply see our latest incoming e-mails (and answer them if necessary).

The official Gmail application is, like its desktop version, an almost essential service for any regular Android user. Maybe there are better ways to manage email from a mobile terminal, but it will be difficult to find them.