GO Launcher EX 2.52 APK Download

GO Launcher EX is an application that will basically change the appearance of the operating system of our Android terminal, making it much more colorful and beautiful. Some of its features can even make it more manageable and intuitive.

The application will allow us to easily change the ‘theme’, being able to choose between different piles with just one click. In addition, we can change the appearance of the different screens as well as all the icons we have placed on different desktops. Of course, by default everyone will adopt a characteristic and uniform aesthetic.

GO Launcher EX 2.52  APK Download

Some of the desktop themes will allow us, for example, to place our icons on a wheel to access them by rotating instead of scanning in a folder. Other options will allow us to adjust the speed of scrolling screens or some shortcuts that we can carry out with our fingers. Transitions between screen and screen, in addition, will usually come adorned with colorful effects.

GO Launcher EX is a very complete application with which to give a different air to our Android terminal is to sew and sing. If we also combine it with some of the other GO Launcher Dev Team tools, we can get a really unique terminal.